Wines With a Purpose


I think in these new times we are all challenged in new ways to find delicious wines. One area to explore is getting to know the people behind the wines and something about them as people, their wine philosophy and maybe even life. It is an interesting path to follow.

Recently, I met Verasion Beverage Distributors in Colorado. They are typical of what is happening around the country as new small independent wine distributors are emerging to serve the needs of special niche wines. This is another path to find new wines too.


Through this conversation I learned about Judd Wallenbrock’s Humanitis Wines  that can best be summed in one sentence.

Humanitas is a unique winery with a very compelling story.  Simply, we make wine, sell it and give the profits to charity!

We give a minimum of 7% of our total revenues (that’s ‘revenues’ not ‘profits), our ‘7% Solution’ to charity.  In effect, Humanitas is uniquely to the wine industry what Paul Newman’s Own is to the food industry.

Specifically, the profits go to find solutions to three very primary issues – housing, hunger and education.  We’ve chosen Habitat for Humanity and the Food Bank network of Feeding America as the specific charities.  However, we try to support whatever charity addresses these issues community by community. 

You see, we don’t give the funds to the national headquarters of these charities.  Rather, we give back to the regional chapters in the areas where the wine was purchased.  In this way, by enjoying Humanitas, you are giving back to your own community. 

But Humanitas is first and foremost about the wine.  We are serious wine people – pure & simple.  Our goal is to make outstanding wines.  We also want to ‘do something good for the world’ — we married the two passions and Humanitas was born. 

Humanitas – really delightful wine passionately crafted by a band of folks having a great time doing a good thing.  We hope to change the world one sip at a time. 

Like the meeting that follows the meeting, it is the story that follows the story. Here’s a sample for Humanitis Wines.

“Most wines are designed to make people feel good. Judd Wallenbrock’s wines are designed to make people feel really, really good.” USA Today 

“Brands to Watch:  Humanitas Changing the World ‘One Sip at a Time.”The Wine  Business Insider

“Following Paul Newman’s Lead with Humanitas Wine” The San Francisco Chronicle 

“California Label Takes Humanitarian Approach to Wine” The Wine Spectator 

“Humanitas Wines cares not only where the grapes comes from, but where they go” North Bay Bohemian 

“Judd’s approach lets consumers choose a great wine and know they are part of doing something socially good.” Paul Ash – Exec. Dir. SF Food Bank in Benefit Magazine 

“News flash:  I’ve found some California wines I can enjoy, afford for every day drinking, and feel good about.  Humanitas Wines, founded in 2001 by Judd Wallenbrock, is a California winery unlike any you’ve heard about before.  Seriously. Lenn Thompson – Lenndevours

Please join us and drink charitably!!


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