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Wonderful Example of No Cookie Cutter Wines

October 20, 2009

Malhadinha Nova is a wonderful example of people making wines true to their passion and in harmony with the land. These are wines you will not find in every store, this is what makes them special.

Herdade da Malhadinha Nova was an abandoned farm in the heart of the Alentejo that the Soares brothers bought with their farther in 1998. While it is a working farm, the real reason they wanted the land has to do with their dream of cultivating special vineyards to produce wines that are different from what has been previously made in the area – wines of such high quality that they amaze those who taste them


New Video Featuring Croatian Wines

October 6, 2009

Croatian Wine Roads takes viewers  through Coastal and Continental Croatia, following the magical world of winemaking. Meet the people, the places, taste the foods and wine from this historic region

Franjo Francem, recognized Croatian enologist and young Croatian Wine Queen Nataša Puhelek, go on a four-seasons trip throughout Croatia. They’ll take you to most famous Croatian wine cellars and introduce you to secrets of winemaking.

Franjo Francem meets a well-known Croatian actor Igor Galo, who shows us “red” Istra – land of Malvazia, Muškat and Terran. This film presents you, in a unique way, the rise of wine production in Croatia and lovely scenery of the wine regions  of Franjo and Nataša.

You’ll have the opportunity to experience the meaning of the Croatian wine story. The film  “Croatian Wine Roads” takes you to a beautiful storyline of winemaking: from the first bud, paring the vineyard, green crop, to the first bunch, harvest, late harvest, frosty harvest and resting all the way to wine preservation.

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