Include Your Wine, Food or Travel Story

Join the Revolution!


  • YOU — a producer or representative of unique wines, food or travel opportunities from around the world.
  • ME — fan of artisan wines from New Zealand and around the world.

TOGETHER — we are building an online community called No Cookie Cutter Wines. It’s THE place for online conversation and marketing of artisan food, wine and travel from around the world.

Perhaps we can help one another. We invite you to spread the word about your handcrafted wine and food. Become part of the No Cookie Cutter Wines community.

It costs nothing, it’s easy to do, and all it takes are your thoughts and stories.

Get the word out about artisan producers! I hope you’ll participate with me and take advantage of the many Social Media opportunites that exist online, starting with No Cookie Cutter Wines.

How to Participate

You are invited to participate at whatever you level like. You can post something every day or once in a while. The more engaged you become, the greater your potential to connect with people seeking information about you. 

Occasional Participation

If have information that you would like to share on an occasional basis, I can post it for you and name you as the contributor. To do this send me an e-mail with the details in either a Word doc or in the body of an e-mail. A couple of images are OK too. with the country theme in the subject. 

Ongoing Participation

We encourage you to participate often and spread the word about your region. You’ll create the buzz! You can become a guest author and be in total control, with the ability to publish on demand, edit, add images and link to videos as often as you like, and more.

We’ll send you an invitation to become a guest author. is the blogging engine we use and it is relatively straightforward to use. Posting a text message is very quick and easy, and you’ll soon be doing even more. And if you ever need assistance, the help tool is outstanding and I can also help, too. 


All contributors to this project will own their own copyright for their contributions. This includes comments that result from your posts too. 

Phase One

We will begin with the following country or regional themes early in 2009 to test the systems and then go forward with the remaining themes on the following page.

  • New Zealand
  • California
  • Argentina
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Italy


  1. Here is what we plan to offer and accomplish. Aggregrate content or stories from like minded people with a similar lifestyle attitutes toward food, wine and travel.
  2. Provide a platform for bloggers that range from well known to those just getting started and enable everyone to be part of the food, wine and travel conversation.
  3. Become a community that includes both those within these industries and consumers. A place where everyone shares and enjoys seeking and finding new ideas. 

Please let me know your thoughts on joining our project and feel free to share this document with all your like minded friends.

If you have questions or want to discuss how it works, feel free to email me at or call me at 720.233.5565.

Best regards,
Ron McFarland
New Zealand Food Wines | No Cookie Cutter Wines

The No Cookie Cutter Wines Platform


6 Responses to “Include Your Wine, Food or Travel Story”

  1. Tom van Rossem Says:


    Here’s to hoping for great success in your venture. My wife and I have traveled to EnZed three times to date in the last few years, made several fantastic and lifelong friends, and discovered the beauty of the wine regions there. Fantastic. Though we are neither a producer or official representative of any wineries or vineyards, we definitely share a love of wine, food and travel globally, so we look forward to joining your effort if you’ll have us.

    Good on ya,


  2. Ron McFarland Says:


    Thank you for the positive feedback and good luck. Welcome your contributions, when you are ready.

  3. Andrea D'Ercole Says:


    see my website for more info about me. I can definetely help, let me know if you are interested.


  4. Jennifer Lissfelt Says:

    I know you are not focusing on South Africa initially, but I strongly urge you to include discussion of this wonderful winemaking part of the world. SA is making some incredible wines (and is having its 350th anniversary of wine making this year!) and is a GREAT destination for vinotourists and just about anyone who loves beautiful scenery, wildlife, beaches, flowers, restaurants and charming B&Bs, active outdoors adventures, lazy relaxing retreats, etc. etc. I cannot say enough positive about this part of the world. I am partial because I live here, but I’m also an American importer of some great SA wines. Definitely NOT cookie cutter wines! Thanks

  5. Ron McFarland Says:


    Yes, we want South Africa to be part of this project and it will be in next phase.

  6. Origins of No Cookie Cutter Wines « Says:

    […] we have a simple site with some guest commentary about wine. The site is open to those who have a story to share. With today’s changing flow of wine information, this is one more place to both contribute […]

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