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Good News For Australian Wine Fans

December 4, 2009

Lately there has been no shortage of doom and gloom on what is happening in the Australian wine world. If the press is correct, the industry has nowhere to go but up.

Eagle Vale

One reason I predict this is people like Steve Jacobs at Eagle Vale Wines. I met Steve earlier in the year and had the joy to taste several of the wines produced in the Margaret River in Western Australia.

What the wine-press rarely mentions is the fact that Australia is full of people like Steve, who own small properties and make delicious wines. Wines that reflect the combination of terrior and people who make them.

The  Gallienne family, Guy, Chantal and son Karl from the Loire Valley are Steve’s team that manages the vineyards and all winemaking functions. This gives Eagle Vale wines an old world perspective with fruit from a new world wine region.

Stunning fruit with balanced acidity make versatile food wines.  Wines that make you want to have a second glass. I find this is an interesting test, do guests want to have a second glass. Two labels and multiple grape varieties are available for you to seek out and share.

This is the good news, the bad is finding Eagle Vale wines and other hidden gems from around the world is challenging. The best way to find Steve’s wines is to email the winery and explore what is possible for you.

Good things happen to people who go wine exploring!! Enjoy.