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Wine Quotes That Need To Live Forever

December 15, 2009

Below are some Twitter exchanges that took place today and are without doubt, to choice to allow to evaporate.  

Go Randall!   

Randall Graham:  

Scary thought #1: Currently have 319,685 “followers,” wa-ay more than most founders of major religions (at the time). 

Ron McFarland:

@RandallGrahm balance and elegance are worthy traits to follow.

Randall Graham:

@RonMcFarland Hard to imagine “Balance!” and “Appropriateness!” as major tenets of the faith, but will build church on this rock and gravel.

Rémy Charest:

@RandallGrahm For a full comparison with religions, you have to see what you're able to make the followers do… 

Randall Graham:

@RemyCharest My first miracle would be to accelerate the depletion rate of our Central Coast Syrah, a category largely believed to be dooned. 

Able Grape:

@RandallGrahmTonneliers (bbl. makers) kick butt. (Forgive obscure pun, but a butt is a size of barrel, also known as a pipe in Portugal.)

Randall Graham:

@ablegrape Taste and do what thou willst (not woodst). Definitely going to get nailed on that one.)

Michael Skurnik Wines:

@RandallGrahm That is impressive. Must have something to do with all of those GREAT wines that you make! How do we get a similar following?

Randall Graham:

@SkurnikWines One must be Beaune under a good scion.