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Summer Wine & Italian Comfort Food

June 15, 2010

Courtesy Cork’ & Nathan Scherotter

With summer here, we always talk about what wines to pair with this hot season of the year. And while light, fun, crisp whites and easy-drinking fruity reds are normally the go-to during these next few months, at some point you have to sit down and switch it up a little. A long day out in the sun makes for a hungry, thirsty individual that just needs some gastronomic pleasure. Enter Italian comfort food – more specifically pasta!

Now we can go many different directions with this versatile grain. We can mix it with red sauce, meat sauce, and white sauce; with chicken, sausage, or various vegetables and oils. Pasta is filling, and when you want to lay back, relax, and replenish your system with carbs, it presents some awesome wine pairing options.

Below are some familiar Italian dishes along with the perfectly paired wine pick. Let the summer breeze blow and the good wine flow.

  • Scene One (not pasta but a great way to get ready for some):
  • The dish: An appetizer of prosciutto and melon
  • Ingredients: unadulterated! Cured ham and ripe summer melon
  • The wine: Here is a really fun and light appetizer that brings together sweet and salty, all wrapped into a delicious way to wet your palate. Like any good meal should start, some sort of bubbly will be in order. The Italian Brachetto d’acqui is one of my favorite ways to kick off a meal; awesomely delicious and a touch of sweetness. Good acidity and low alcohol here will go perfectly with the melon and most certainly will hold up to the procuitto. If you have any leftover after your first course (which is doubtful) it makes for a great after dinner drink too… [Read the rest at Cork’d]

Fun New Wine – New Age

May 20, 2009

Sometimes things come along that are so far off the radar screen they become absolutely fun. New Age wine is one example. There is nothing Cookie Cutter about New Age.

new ageHere are some fun ways to enjoy this wine.


Fill a rocks glass with ice

add New Age White to cover

add a wedge of lime

New Age Rose or White

On Ice w/ Cranberries &/or Orange Slice (You can also use strawberries with limes)

New Age Belini

New Age White with blended white peaches and raspberries

New Age Martini

Fill Martini glass with New Age White (substitute for gin)

Add a splash of Chambord (substitute for vermouth)

New Age Mojito

3 fresh mint sprigs

1 oz – ice wine (in place of simple syrup)

3 tbsp fresh lime juice

3+ oz New Age White

New Age Cooler – Big Easy Style

1 ½ oz Gin

4 oz New Age

a big splash of cranberry juice

a wedge of lime.

Poured not stirred

New Age Sangria

Fill pitcher with ice

Add slices of orange, strawberries, lime

Pour in one bottle of New Age Rose

Piazza Tincho

Fill a rocks glass with ice

add New Age White to cover

add a teaspoon of Pama

add a wedge of lime.