Wine Quotes That Need To Live Forever


Below are some Twitter exchanges that took place today and are without doubt, to choice to allow to evaporate.  

Go Randall!   

Randall Graham:  

Scary thought #1: Currently have 319,685 “followers,” wa-ay more than most founders of major religions (at the time). 

Ron McFarland:

@RandallGrahm balance and elegance are worthy traits to follow.

Randall Graham:

@RonMcFarland Hard to imagine “Balance!” and “Appropriateness!” as major tenets of the faith, but will build church on this rock and gravel.

Rémy Charest:

@RandallGrahm For a full comparison with religions, you have to see what you're able to make the followers do… 

Randall Graham:

@RemyCharest My first miracle would be to accelerate the depletion rate of our Central Coast Syrah, a category largely believed to be dooned. 

Able Grape:

@RandallGrahmTonneliers (bbl. makers) kick butt. (Forgive obscure pun, but a butt is a size of barrel, also known as a pipe in Portugal.)

Randall Graham:

@ablegrape Taste and do what thou willst (not woodst). Definitely going to get nailed on that one.)

Michael Skurnik Wines:

@RandallGrahm That is impressive. Must have something to do with all of those GREAT wines that you make! How do we get a similar following?

Randall Graham:

@SkurnikWines One must be Beaune under a good scion.


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