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Women in Wine by Ashley Hausman

March 13, 2009

Today there are multiple conversations and choices of information about how to find delicious wines. One is to follow the traditional path of chasing ratings.

The other is to simply find a good retailer and get to know them. As they get to know you and your wine preferences, they can steer you to those special gems that make evenings memorable. I am in the find a good retailer camp. This was also echoed some years ago by the wine writers at the Wall St Journal. Find a good retailer was a year end wine recomedation for the upcoming year.

Ashley at Little’s Fine Wine and Spirits in Denver is someone who can help you navigate the isles. She recently shared the story below via her monthly newsletter. I hope you enjoy it.

Women & Wine.

By Ashley Hausman — Little’s Fine Wine and Spirits

Throughout history and into the present, women have surfaced in just about every occupation and proven that they are not only capable but exceptional as well at whatever they put their minds to achieving. In honor of Women’s History Month, we at Little’s want to underscore the excellence of certain female winemakers around the world and recognize those who have brought the industry up for a breath of fresh air with their innovative techniques and distinct styles. Here are a few women you should get to know:

Let’s begin with a Colorado winemaker who really got our attention-Michelle Cleveland of Creekside Cellars in Evergreen. This quaint restaurant & winery is a perfect afternoon getaway, famous for their epic antipasto platter with homemade sausage. But this delicacy is only second to the wine. From Gewürztraminer to Malbec, Cleveland strives to give all grapes a chance and hear what each has to say when cultivated in Colorado soil. In this way, each is familiar but altogether new and unpredictable. Every varietal-from year to year, in fact-takes on a new personality. For Cleveland, there is no formula. The flavor, the experience determines when it is time to bottle each beauty.

At Little’s, you not only have a chance to take home her Riesling and Rosso any day of the week, you will even have the opportunity to meet her in person on March 20th at our Friday tasting! Come with any questions you may have about her wine or Colorado wine in general. Having a degree from the prestigious UC-Davis oenology program as well as receiving numerous medals for her wines, Cleveland is sure to have all kinds of answers!

When Don Rafael Lopez de Heredia came to Rioja during the French phylloxera outbreak, in the middle of the 19th century, he knew he was meant to stay. He fell in love with Rioja and became one of three houses that established wine around 1877. One hundred and thirty-two years later, María José López de Heredia has taken over as winemaker and continues to produce wine that reflects the passion and love that originally attracted her family to the vineyards.

They remain traditional in style, which Maria explains, “We mention tradition, not as an idea meaning immobility, opposition to change, but as a dynamic and aesthetic concept in maintaining principles and criteria that remain eternal.” We are fortunate to carry a red and a white from this House-gorgeous examples of old school Rioja.


One of Ashley’s hobbies is climbing. Climbing is certainly a sport that requires balance, just like fine wine.

 You can visit Ashley at:

Little’s Wine and Spirits
2390 S. Downing Street
Denver, CO 80210

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Nice Comment on No Cookie Cutter Wines

March 11, 2009

Had a great comment from Kenny at The Grand Crew — thanks Kenny

Regarding your community project, I love the idea. Death to Cookie Cutter Wine!

There’s nothing like a new delicious and foreign discovery in the glass. Something that you can’t quite pinpoint and know must somehow be traced back to the ambitions and hard work and sweat of the wine maker, working within his or her unique element — terroir.

Please Welcome Vignai da Duline

March 8, 2009

I believe we are moving to a new time and place in the world of food and wine. In this new place, many will want to know more about the people behind the foods and wines we enjoy with friends. One of the joys of visiting a farmers market,  is we get to meet the people behind the products.

This is one of the goals for No Cookie Cutter Wines. To let you get to know the people behind the wine.

Here is a great video – Let me know what you think? Do you have any ideas about other people who have similar passions to share?

To enjoy this wine in the USA please contact David Wietzenhoffer .